Why we love WordPress!

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Our clients know that when we build websites泛亚电竞竞猜, we love to use WordPress. Here are several reasons that illustrate even further our love for WordPress.

17% of sites on the internet today are built on a WordPress platform. (This fact is direct from WordPress) 
You might be wondering why this is important.
Here is why:
WordPress is open source software, meaning it is readily available to anyone who wants to use it.  The advantage of this is that lots and lots of developers use it on a regular basis and they are always
泛亚电竞竞猜 coming up with ways to improve it.

WordPress understands the importance of SEO.
泛亚电竞竞猜We promise we aren’t the only people harping about how important SEO is to your website and ultimately your brand.  From the WordPress website, “the head of Google’s web spam team says that WordPress is a great choice”

WordPress is very versatile.
泛亚电竞竞猜 Our clients span from very small businesses to clients who sell thousands of products on their website. The platform works very well, for the various needs of our many clients.

WordPress is user friendly.
泛亚电竞竞猜We will teach you how to make changes to your site. What good is your site to you if you can’t add content or change a picture on the fly?

We always love to chat about our work, so if  you have more questions about the websites that we build or need one of your own give us a shout! 




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